Disable copy paste except specified codes using css

Disable copy paste except codes using css
Most of the Genuine Bloggers faces the problem of plagiarism. Generally the New bloggers do not understand the value of quality content. You are spending a lot of time to write your blog posts but a content thieve visits to your blog and copies all your work. Some times those content thieves results can be first in Google Search then you , So its a head cache for you .You can use disable copy script in your blog.But If your blog deals with some tutorial codes or text to be copied,you cant use that script.So today, I am going to reveal a trick to disable copying except your specified codes to be copied using simple css tricks.Live Demo can be seen in this blog.

Advantages of this CSS:

  • No javascript .So, It does not affect your blogs load time.
  • It works on all major browsers.
  • You can use this css in all type of blog niche.

 How to add this CSS to your blog ?

  • Login to Blogger > Dashboard
  • Click on Drop Down Menu and select Template
  • Backup your Template before making any changes to your blog
  • Now Click on Edit HTML > Proceed
  • Press Ctrl + F and search the code shown below. 
  • Paste below codes above it.
.post-body {-webkit-touch-callout: none; -khtml-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: -moz-none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none; text-align: justify;} blockquote {-webkit-touch-callout: text; -khtml-user-select: text; -moz-user-select: text; -ms-user-select: text; user-select: text;}

Editing CSS

Replace blockquote with your html tag to which you use to display the codes.Example:I am using blockquote tag to highlight the codes (i.e)


                  code goes here....


So, I used blockquote tag in above css.If your using something <codeview> your text </codeview> ,You need to replace blockquote with codeview.Now your css codes will look like,

.post-body {-webkit-touch-callout: none; -khtml-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: -moz-none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none; text-align: justify;} codeview {-webkit-touch-callout: text; -khtml-user-select: text; -moz-user-select: text; -ms-user-select: text; user-select: text;} 

  • Now save the template .
Congratulation, now your blogger site is completely plagiarism protected.Remember this code is secure and it does not harm your SEO.Please share this post with your friends.If you have any doubts regarding this topic,Just comment below.I will answer as soon as time allows.


  1. Nice Post Durai..Will this css prevent my Codes also from being copied??

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  3. Brilliant work, I post your clone templates here with the link back of your blog: http://www.bloggerheroe.com/2013/02/professional-blogger-templates.html

    Best Regards:

  4. Not that I'm saying you copied this or I don't like this post, but to be truthful I've already seen the trick somewhere, of-course it didn't work but your's do. So Congrats from me...hehehe ;)

    1. Just a little request; when someone tries to copy from our site how to add a popup right after the try (ie. Copying is disabled on this page to stop plagiarism )<- something like that, and also if we can customize the popup. ThANKS Learned a lot From you.

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  6. Dear Durai Sankar Kindly stop distributing the mbt v2.0 template because they are reporting the blogs which are distributing the clones of their template to DMCA and this can cause your blog to be deleted

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  10. how about disable tynt only on blockquote ? Would you make it ?

  11. Thank You So Much! I follow the tips that you gave me and now its working! Now i can protect my content from being copied.
    This is my blog after following your advice: http://infoaday.blogspot.com/
    Thank you again!!

  12. why cant work in my blog? if I use your code, my document (all the text) also can select and copy. How to make the copy paste is disable to only for code or blockquote?

  13. can you give example on how it's used as ur description is some what obsure

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