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Blogging Communities are best for driving traffic from only bloggers. These days google started regular updating of their search engine algorithms. So we should also concentrate on off page seo for driving traffic to our blog. I come to discuss about best blogging community to promote blog posts, there are many like, blogengage, dosplash, and few other.

Today I would like to discuss my personal experience with blogging community site. When I tried to use these top blogging communities. I really started to enjoy more traffic for my site. Basically that would result in increase of my alexa rank because its pure quality traffic from bloggers. There are many methods to drive traffic to your site. But I do believe that using blogging communities are best way to get backlinks, traffic and also gain authority.

What are Blogging Communities?

Blogging Communities are social networking sites and the places where pro bloggers join to share their blog posts to enjoy traffic, backlinks and also to get connections with other probloggers.

Could we benefited by joining blogging communities?

Blogging communities offer dofollow backlinks to published blog posts. They are best ways to quickly promote your blog posts. So getting popular is easy using these communities. But you need to promote quality blog posts. As there are many pro bloggers using these communities, you need to share only quality blog posts.

So you now know what are blogging communities? and How to we get benefited by joining these communities. Now I would like to take a review about Blogging Community. Unlike other communities this community also has good navigation and accepts blog posts from all categories expect, AxDxUxLxT, gaming sites. And also it won't accept .blogspot .wordpress or other free sites.

How to Join and use this blogging community?

In order to create your account, click here to sign up. Make sure you fill that form and click on create account. Later login to your inbox and verify your account. Now, after verifying your account, login to your getblogtraffic account, and fill up your profile information completely. Make sure to use your profile pic, and fill all social media links, with your blog address.

How to Submit your blog posts?

You have a direct option for submission of your blog posts using, "Submit" option on homepage, or you can manually go with this submit link, and add your post url, choose good category related to your posts, and add good description for your post and click on Submit.

Submit blog posts to blogging community

How to get my posts published?

Inorder to get your submitted posts published, you need to be active in this community. I want to tell you that, upvote others, drop your comments on their submitted posts links. So that your karma can increase easily. So you get authority.

get more upvotes in blogging community

Tips to get published quickly:
  • Share good quality content only
  • Do vote other and drop comments on their submitted posts to get noticed
  • Share your submitted post links in social media
  • Ask your friends to upvote your
The below is the screen shot I got when one of my blog posts got published. If your post gets published then you are more visible to users because it would be displayed in homepage. So try to get more up votes to your submitted posts.

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I am happy to hear your words about this review in comments :)


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