Spice up your blog like blogger template(clone)

spiceupyourblog like template(clone)
After giving you a MBT template,I liked cloning template.After some days my user asked me to clone spiceupyourblog template.Then I saw that site and collected information about it.Spiceupyourblog has users more than 4k and it was administrated by Paul crowe.That site was dealing with blogger tips and tricks and He also having a another blog which contains blogger template.Then I stared to convert the template.But it is harder than MBT because I Cannot find the source of that template.Then i used another trick to clone that template.I splited that template into many parts and replaced with mine then i got a beautiful spiceupyourblog template!.First see the demo.

Speacial features:

  • Build with SEO
  • Attractive Design
  • Superb ads
  • User attractive
  • Subscription widget
  • Left Sidebar
  • Auto read more for webmasters
  • Best for Adsense
  • 93 out of 100 in google page rank
  • Professional
  • Custom fonts


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After downloading this template kindly read this:


  1. thamks for your template

  2. Replies
    1. Your Templates is not letting me to add something below the post.

  3. Hi I have done all the steps to get this template.
    My email: arifbinali@gmail.com
    Note your [Enter password] option is not working on click.
    So tell me how I will get the download link.

    1. Can you give me your blog address?

    2. http://mytrecipes.blogspot.com/ its my blog address pls send me the download link or the password to my email:arifbinali@gmail.com .I like spiceupyourblog template.

  4. send me the template to [talk2lokjeeth@gmail.com] my blog address www.infozhelper.com

  5. @Durai Sankar
    Bro I have Complete all the steps now give me the passowrd now on my email address amaanshaikh222@gmail.com

  6. Hi Durai Sankar, I am ramaraobobby from Wonderful Tech Stuff blog.
    This is an excellent and very useful template design for tech bloggers. I really appreciate the time and effort you've put in cloning this 'Spice up your blog' like template.

    To get this blogger template I've already
    ► Liked TrueBloggerTricks on Facebook.
    ► Following Truebloggertricks (tbloggertricks) on Twitter.
    ► Subscribed to your updates via Email.
    ► Joined truebloggertricks with Google Connect (RamaRao_bobby).

    Thus I hope you send me the decryption key to my email: marr.bobby1010(at)gmail.com

    Thank You Very Much!

    ♥ Love and Peace ♥

  7. Completed every thing my email p.harikesh409@gmail.com
    send me the password

  8. Thanks For THe template

  9. Replies
    1. I will reveal the trick soon in my post.

    2. Same question here out Buddy..........how did you clone templates

  10. Please Create Clone Of www.lordhtml.blogspot.com

  11. Please Create Clone of MyBloggerNews.Com

  12. How to change menu bar links in "spice up your blog" blogger template

  13. can you clone the template of btemplate4u.com ?

  14. You have said :

    If you are a true and genuine blogger,Kindly please leave the footer link.This may help many bloggers like you. LOL

    Are you a true and genuine blogger with cloning another blog template?

    Please respect another blogger.. if you really a blogger

  15. Thanks for this awesome template.
    Dear, it's auto read more function is not working.
    Secondly, how to add ads below posts titles and at the end.

  16. Really amazing theme thanks for sharing

  17. Hi, this is a very informative article, like you I’m also interested in slider on my site and this would be very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Your blog are impressive to each other.I read your blog its very good and friendly, Helpful for all.

  19. Thanks Durai For giving us this splendid template but I Have to tell you one thing that it si not showing read More Button In My Blog Could you tell me what is the error behind that. I am Very Thankful to you.

    The Website Address is This


    Thanks Again !

    I am Waiting For Your Response

  20. Dear brother
    I install this template. Please tell me how can i edit the uper top right side "advertise here" badge.

  21. Hello, i added this awesome clone template in my blog. Keep up the good work bro!


  22. it is not fair.
    clone template will make a bad reputation for you.


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